The Story

It was regular day of work, family life and running errands… Trent (our Founder) was picking up essentials at the grocery store when he came to the pancake syrups aisle.  While scanning the various syrup products and prices, a sad realization hit him.  There were no fruit syrups without high amounts of sugar or high fructose corn syrup as a primary ingredient.  Just pick up any syrup product and read the Nutrition Facts.  Trent set out to solve this problem. 

“I always love lots of fresh fruit, mainly berries and bananas, on my waffles, crepes and pancakes”, he said. That’s when the idea for creating delicious, real fruit based toppings and JazzUp was born.  With a background in business, food sourcing and manufacturing, Trent had all he needed to bring delicious and healthier fruit syrups to the public.  He literally started building the recipes by combining a variety of different fruits together.  This was a novel idea because no one had done this before in a breakfast syrup, at least not with tropical fruits and zest.  Trent sourced every forest berry, citrus zest and tropical fruit he could get his  hands on.  He turned on his favorite kitchen tunes and got to work blending different fruits together.  “When I had six or seven variations of one recipe made I invited people over to see which one they liked the best.  I realized that my family, neighbors, and friends had a wide variety of preferences.  Some liked sweet fruit combinations and some liked tangy fruits,  some liked tropical and some liked zesty. Once I had an idea of what people loved, I narrowed it down to four delicious fruit blends. Strawberry Swing, combines strawberry puree, passion fruit, pineapple and coconut cream.  Mariachi Mango is a mango puree, with small amounts of strawberries and bananas.  Bluegrass Blueberry is a blueberry puree with lemon zest. Discoberry is a strawberry and raspberry puree with black berries and cranberry juice.  Each recipe was designed with as little sugar as possible, keeping in mind that fruit needs to be preserved in the bottles.

 As for the name JazzUp and the fun musical recipe names, well that brand name came from two places of inspiration. First, his lovely wife Lyndsi has a musical soul and has always filled their home with uplifting, feel good music.  Almost every genre has some form of inspiration and she made it a big part of their fun family life. Secondly, Trent literally is “Jazzing up” your breakfast or beverage. The word “JazzUp” conveys taking your food to a whole other level!

“Our goal now and forever will be to give consumers a wow experience in every bite. There’s a fruit combination for everyone in the family and it’s a little healthier compared to everything else in the syrup market.” He said. 

So grab a bottle and get ready to get down and do the breakfast boogie. Now there is a REAL FRUIT, NO CORN SYRUP, and as LOW AS YOU CAN GO on the SUGAR, options available! Enjoy.